Welcome to the website of an international group of companies “RSB-Group” – tactical combat systems.

Private military consulting company “RSB-Group” specializes in armed ships protection from pirates in the Gulf of Aden and the High Risk Areas of the Indian Ocean; armed protection of the convoys, personnel and all forms of ownership in areas with high terrorist activity and political instability; military consulting services. We also specialize in the legal sale of weapons outside the Russian Federation on the basis of authorization and we have the exclusive right to supply weapons of non-lethal action (acoustic cannons) within the territory of the former USSR. We have a long partnership with the European Association A.E.C.P. and together with our partners we have the opportunity to share our diverse experiences and knowledge with cadets (listeners) during preparation of civilian specialists (employees of PMCs, PSC, SC, rapid response teams, bodyguards for VIPs) and special complex trainings for special forces of various power structures in Russia, Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe.

We are out of politics and we believe that terrorism has no face and no state boundaries. We also believe that communication between professionals from different countries in various areas is the most important aspect in the training of cadets.

If you are now on this website it means that you are interested in the topic of professional tactical training and you want to learn from the experience of our instructors (not from books or Internet).

Personal real combat experience gained during carrying out of special missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Brazil, Africa, Sri Lanka, in the North Caucasus, etc. has been redesigned and transformed into united fighting tactics of the "RSB Group".

We provide trainings and certification of trainers according to the national and international standards. Our diplomas and certificates are accepted in Russia and Europe.

While working with professional instructors you get professional knowledge.

Attention! We do not participate in preparation of illegal armed groups, criminal gangs, mercenaries and other categories of persons and groups in conflict with the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation or international law.