About the company

Oleg Krinitsyn, chief executive officer of the RSB-Group

Since 2005 PMC “RSB-Group” specializes in armed protection of all forms of ownership in areas with high terrorist activity and political instability outside the Russian Federation. Competitive intelligence and analytics, security equipment, military consulting services, armed protection from pirates – this is not a complete list of activities of our company.

During our work we have gained unique practical combat experience. This knowledge is not given in the military academies. They are written, obtained and consolidated with sweat and blood, wins and losses.

Our instructors share their knowledge with groups of Special Forces and law enforcement agencies of our country. It is our duty and feasible help for these brave officers. We want our security forces, the elite Special Operations Groups to be always prepared at a higher level than the criminals, terrorists and enemies. However, we believe that civilians have a right to get professional knowledge in the field of the protection of their lives and families. In these unstable times, when local wars and political conflicts occur, when the activity of terrorist organizations is increased, all citizens should have the same opportunities and knowledge to be able to fulfill their civic duty. Together we are a force, and when we are trained – we are a formidable force!

We are well aware of the level of responsibility in the process of preparing students in the area of the basics of tactics, so our programs are strictly separated from each other by the level of offered knowledge. Commercial cadets receive the basics and the most necessary knowledge that allow them to feel confident in these unstable times. Nothing more.

Contractors of PMC “RSB Group” who perform special security tasks outside Russia are prepared in accordance with the specifics of their work (ground or maritime operations). We offer to law enforcement officers advanced trainings in various fields (in accordance with the request and the task).

Our employees are mostly reserve officers of various law enforcement agencies and despite the fact that we don't on duty today, we continue to be patriots of our country and make every effort to ensure stability in our country, confidence in the future and security for our citizens.

We are an official partner and supplier of security services for the United Nations Organization. Our registration number: 403872. This means that our work and professionalism are highly appreciated by international organizations such as the UNO, Red Cross, etc.