Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I register to courses at your company?
A: In order to be informed about all the news on new courses, events, job opportunities and other aspects of the company “RSB-Group”, you should register on the home page. After that you will receive mailings. Attention - please type your working email, otherwise the registration will not be confirmed. After selecting the course you send a request to the course and you receive the response to your email.

Q: How can I make payment?
A: You can pay in several ways:

  • Transfer money to the card Sberbank
  • Pay in the office.
  • Pay through Robokassa.

Q: Are tactical courses, medical, physical and fire training suitable only for cadets, who served in the army and have military experience? Is it possible to civilians, who did not serve, to attend the courses?
A: Our courses are designed for those who want to get the skills of safe handling of weapons, get the basics of tactics, unarmed combat, to undergo a medical and psychological training. We also want to enable people, who served in the army, to refresh their knowledge and gain new ones. Experience, which we share, is unique and is based on personal experience of combat instructor: Iraq, Afghanistan, Brazil, Venezuela, North Caucasus, Tajikistan, etc.
Overall, our task is to give confidence to the cadets in their skills and knowledge, learn how to survive and be ready to protect yourself, your family and our country in a variety of conditions.

Q: What kind of clothes is needed and what I should take with me?
A: Clothing should be comfortable. Optimal clothing - tactical, in the style of “military”. When doing exercises on the street (in the cold) and in the room - it is desirable to have a change of clothes and shoes. For tactical training and training on fire training it is necessary to have knee pads, glasses for shooting, shooting gloves, tactical belts. You must also have a copybook to take notes. In any case, in the courses description it is indicated what you must have with you to the particular course.

Q: Is it possible for female to attend the offered courses?
A: We do not divide students by gender. If you are interested in this course, then you are our colleague, then you are in our team! The only reservation: we do not make a difference between male and female and don't give relief for girls during the course. If you are with us, then you know your strength, then it is you, who need it and then you have to pass this course on a maximum.

Q: Are there persons, who are not allowed to attend the courses?
A: We do not allow mentally unbalanced persons with obvious health problems or severe disabilities to attend the courses. We do not accept the persons, who has possible connections with terrorist and criminal groups. To ensure the exclusion of such persons we always check passport details of all the students. "RSB-Group" operates strictly within the legal framework and we demand the same from our cadets of commercial courses.

Q: Is it possible for employees of state power structures to attend courses?
A: Yes, of course. Employees of the state power structures are trained according to the programs different from the programs for cadets of the commercial courses. These groups receive more advanced tactical knowledge, successfully proven in battle and they gain the experience obtained not only in Russia, but also in other countries like Israel, the US, Brazil, etc. Each tactic is good by itself. But if you combine the best, in the end the cadet receives the practical knowledge of optimal tactics, shooting, fighting, medical and psychological training.

Q: Will the student get certificate upon passing the course?
A: After completing the course, regardless of its duration and level the student receives a Certificate of Completion. Cadets, who complete the course successfully and pass the exam or test, will receive a certificate of international standard, accepted in Europe and the United States.