Training courses of “RSB-Group”

The main advantages of the courses of “RSB-Group”:

  • Usage of personal combat experience and our own well-developed techniques. Such information is not given in the schools.
  • We give only the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge used in everyday life.
  • We do not give excessive and unnecessary information to our cadets, trying to fill hours of courses.
  • The knowledge gained from our instructors can be effectively applied in different life situations.
  • We work closely with law enforcement authorities of the Russian Federation, which means that our work does not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • You get knowledge, which can be used in daily life or work (personal protection, PSCs, PMSCs) both in Russia and abroad.
  • We can certify our cadets according to the international standards and our certificates are accepted in Europe.

Tactical and fire training

Only through constant repetitions, through sweat and fear, blood and pain, we can achieve automaticity in our actions and the possibility to apply knowledge reflexively. Knowledge of weapons, ability to survive in different situations and work in team are vital not only for soldiers and guards.

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Tactical combat medicine

We must be able not to get lost in difficult situations, fulfill our civic duty and perform the most important mission - to save people's lives. We should be able to diagnose the victim, take the key parameters to evaluate his condition, call the doctors and, of course, provide him with adequate medical care.

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Unarmed combat

If you don't have a weapon then the fight skills in the melee, the ability to disarm the enemy and come out of the fight as a winner become extremely important. There is no need to know many self-defense techniques to be confident. We will teach you three or four effective techniques.

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Psychological training

Wielding his mind and psyche, a man is capable to act unexpectedly to the enemy. Being able to ignore the pain and psychological influence, a person can endure torture and keep secrets.

Skills to manipulate people and understanding of their essence can help to manage human resources effectively.

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