Maritime security. Underwater sabotage forces.

We train and instruct swimmers or divers working further on as guards and who can participate in marine and terrestrial defense and protection missions with possible manifestation of armed aggression and terrorism.

The specific character of the training program «SEAL» enables graduates to be ready to act on shore, at sea and in the air. The program was worked out by special forces experts, retirees, based on personal experience and work in the service of private military companies, as well as the experience of their comrades from various structures and agencies.

Today's graduates successfully work on global corporations to protect private fleet from pirate attacks, aggressive acts of criminal organizations, and generally malevolent action in the Indian and Pacific oceans, Mediterranean and Red seas. Our specialists protect response groups on routes in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa where there are unfinished wars. Our graduates work with UAVS in the sky and protect humanitarian organizations’ or UN’s.

Nowadays, all over the world, there are a lot of security structures. Modern business increasingly needs a modern and professional protection. Companies able to provide it are mainly in the United States.

In Russia such companies do not act effectively, and those that do, provide clients with unskilled specialists who are only good at having weapon in their arms. There isn’t about any protection from a prepared attack.

The SEAL program is the international content of the FCI developed by the Russian members of non-governmental structures based not only on their experience but also on American and Israeli experts in the field of security and counter-terrorism.

Current conditions make involve in working not only former military personnel or police officers but also retrained or newly prepared operators with a wide range of capabilities. Training programme SEAL FCI is exactly that kind of opportunity of an extended basic training at a high level.

Land on our planet occupies only 1/3 of the territory, and who controls , kings over the world.

SEAL FCI are members’ actions in order to avoid aggression in three elements.

These are reliability and courage. It is professionalism in the third degree because an unfamiliar element makes a person different from everyone else. Such professional is not just a caretaker on a vessel’s deck but to a large extent illustrates the whole performance. It is quite often, as practice shows, the unwillingness to solve emergency situations inherent in serious problems. Requirements to protect life and property of the Customer become high: guards must be able to act not only on land but also in water, and usually not only within the "sentry" functions, not to mention the ability to work with UAVS and other high-tech equipment.

SEAL FCI professional is trained to apply independent knowledge of navigation, cartography, oceanography, to oppose serious standing contact and threat from under water where areas’ and vessels’ mining can occur.

He also has the ability to control water and underwater vehicles, he is as well a lifeguard and paramedical, he is a real professional able to perform tasks of any difficulty level. SEAL FCI operator is able to repel any aggression, defend and save everywhere: in water, in the air and on earth. They are supermen, special operations force who protect their contract and people. This is why private fleet and owners of expensive personal liners in the United States, Europe, and South-east Africa work with that sort of security employees.

We are a group of former special forces and airborne reconnaissance operatives, Main Intelligence Directorate and SEAL’s officers who established this program as part of the amateur NDL courses in international format. The program is certified and adapted to meet the challenges in hot spots all over the world: on land, in water and in the air.



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