Unarmed combat

Unarmed combat is a science of defeating of armed and unarmed enemy. In every people life there are situations when he found himself face to face with the enemy, but more often alone against several people.

If you have a weapon it's not a big deal to neutralize the enemy. But when there are no weapons or the criminal is armed, the skills of using of the weapon (knife, gun) in the melee, the ability to disarm the enemy and come out of the fight as a winner become extremely important. If you are prepared a nd keep your this problem can be solved. However, if you've never fight against armed enemy or group of hooligans, then your chances of remaining intact are practically zero.

But not in this case. We are willing to share knowledge, experience and practice of conducting of unarmed combat most efficiently.

We don't use oriental exoticism – meditation, mantras and loud breathing. We teach how to win, how to stay alive, how to protect yourselves and their loved ones. There is no need to know twenty self-defense techniques and be confident. We will teach you just three or four, but effective, which lead to victory. We do not conduct sports competitions on fighting. Techniques that we give were checked in practice in the combat conditions... the finished combat technique leads to injury or death of the enemy.

You have the right to self-defense, to protect your family. Nobody but you will save you in a dark alley, in the elevator, during close combat or attack of the armed group. Neither the police nor OMON or the UN. Usually, at this moment there is no one around. Become stronger than steel, be harder than stone, learn to move quickly and to think correctly. If it suits you better than a hospital bed in the emergency room, if you want to improve yourself and effectively apply your knowledge in practice – we are waiting for you. We never give that knowledge which we never used ourselves. Martial arts, fighting in a confined space, the fight with multiple opponents, knife fight, – this is the minimum that the true warrior must know.



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