Personal guard

Bodyguard is a romantic profession... and the last step of your work in the security system. Nobody wants the guard of the deceased client. His career goes down.

Personal security is a set of measures aimed at ensuring the safety of the protected person. "Bullheads" as a symbol of personal protection stayed in the 90s. Today, it is the analytics, intelligence gathering, logic, the ability to predict the actions of the enemy in advance. It is knowledge of medicine, psychology, etiquette. It is high moral and psychological qualities, dedication, high level of responsibility and excellent physical, tactical and fire training.

The employee of personal guard - it does not work, it's a lifestyle. Want to learn how to think like a professional, be unique expert in the field and have an impeccable reputation and prospects both financial and career? Then, you go on the right way going to this page.

We provide the full range of training for personal guard. Fire training, tactical training, psychological training, physical training, martial arts and knife fight, basics of the protection and escorting both on foot and in cars, etc. We are well aware that it is impossible to learn it all during a month or two - only constant training, practice and desire to be the best can make you not an ordinary average guard of the PSC but a specialist of the high class and the elite of personal protection. Many schools, lots of opinions, controversy and denial. We choose the best: Russian and European experience, the experience of accompanying persons under terrorist threat with the high possibility of the fire contact. Our instructors are practitioners but not theoretics. And they are willing to share their knowledge and both to prepare a person "from scratch" and to retrain the guards.



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