Psychological training

It's not a secret that psychological training is one of the components of martial arts. Even the ancient samurais paid great attention to the psychological training. They prepared themselves for war and were always ready to die for the Emperor of Japan. Today there are numerous combat means used in modern fights and local armed conflicts, which are sometimes unfamiliar for people. There are situations in which a person is lost and becomes vulnerable. Being able to control his mind, the psyche, a person is capable of actions, which are unexpected for enemies.

The ability to manipulate people, read their wishes and understand their essence allow to manage human resources. The ability to ignore the pain, psychological impact of the enemy enable to withstand torture and save important information. Having methods of psychological testing of personality the staff of Security departments, HR, executives and other specialists are able to get information about a person, even the most secret data, hidden in the farthest corners of the subconscious. The man himself may not know everything about yourself... but the professional is able to see right through him. We teach this and many other things during our specialized courses.



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