“Personnel gambit”

About the course: What are the threats from the notorious "human factor"? What are necessary measures in personnel work in terms of personnel security? How to implement the control and motivate the staff. Psychological, psychophysiological and professional recruitment. Staff appraisal, preventive examinations of employees.

After this course you will be able to give qualified answers to these questions.

For whom: this course is useful for directors of security; directors of human resources; director of PSCs, employees of human resources companies, security managers, corporate psychologists, people who are interested in practical psychology.

Duration: 1 day, 8 hours.

Price: €60

Location: Upon the request for corporate training we can travel to another city.

The price includes:

  • Work of specialist
  • Coffee break
  • Distribution of practical material and uploading of specialized programs for testing of employees

You should have with you:

  • Copybook, pen
  • Flash card of the large memory (8 Gb)

Theoretical and practical classes are held in the classroom.
The group of 10 people.

Course Topics:

  • What are the psychological characteristics of employees, who are dangerous to the company?
  • Psychological testing of employees, the main indicators of disloyal employees during staff assessment and recruitment.
  • Determination of suitability of candidates on the basis of conformity the results of assessment of their psychological and psychophysiological qualities with professional requirements.

Proficiency testing of employees:

You will deal with professional tests, cases. You will have opportunity to try to use the program Recruiting Test 2.0 (useful for HR-managers) with the possibility to download this program to your flash-card.

During the course you will be trained how to assess the employee's performance and provide your professional opinion:

  • Psychophysiological testing with the use of the polygraph. Templates for methods to identify hidden information, methods of key questions. Recruitment selection, preventive checks, theft investigations.
  • Studying the advanced developments in the field of polygraphy.
  • Specialized video with the opportunity to download this information to your flash-card.
  • How to conduct the internal corporate investigations.
  • Practical advice on personnel security.



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