The course “Barrier”

Basic course in Psychological Preparation for Combat “Barrier”:
Fundamentals of special psychological training for preparation of Special Forces, employee of PMC, PSC to the work in the fight conditions and extreme situations while performing of specific operations in isolation from the main forces.

About the course: Most of the methods are used for the training of special units that perform their tasks under conditions of high stress and terrorist activity. All of them are tested in practice and used in the psychological preparation of the “soldier of the future”.

For whom: this course is useful for current employees of the Special Forces, PMCs, PSCs and civilians, who are planning to work in such organizations.

Duration: 12 hours (two days, 6 hours per day).

Price: €125

The course consists of: 2 parts

Price for current employees of Special Forces: €95

The price includes:

  • Work of instructor
  • Training facilities
  • Tea, sandwiches
  • Special psychological testing of each cadet according to the closed psychological tests
  • Abbreviated lecture materials in electronic form
  • Specialized tests (will be uploaded on the flash memory card)

You should have with you:

  • notebook
  • pen
  • mat
  • tactical clothing
  • flash memory card or hard drive of the large format
  • laptop

The course will allow to the cadet to:
– elaborate a psychological model of "combat reflexes" (reaction to weapons, search for shelter, approach to the enemies during the capture of protected object);
– Acquire the skills of control of attention, imagination, muscle tone;
– Master the basis of breathing exercises, ideomotor training;
– Get personal experience of altered states of consciousness and their use for practical purposes;
– Get acquainted with the practice of internal work with symbols and archetypes;
– Expand your "self-image" and adjust the self-esteem;
– Ensure the possibility of re-orientation in the psychological time and concentration on the principle of ; "here and now";
– Revise attitude to your past and get guidance for personal growth;
– Relate the concepts and develop a unified categorical apparatus for further work.

The special psychological training is aimed at reducing of uncertain elements in the overall system of upcoming actions and formation and activation of specific qualities necessary for particular task. Target psychological training is performed in order to capture a particular object.

Questions and methods of study, systems and tests:

Preparatory-theoretical part 3 hours:

A. Conduction of psychological professional selection: identification of persons with early signs of mental disorders.
1. Conversations with the candidate.
2. Psychodiagnostic assessment (standardized multivariate method for studying personality SMIL).

Б. Lecture material: Managing behavior.

В. Lecture material: Overcoming combat stress and its psychological consequences (PTSD) by methods of self-regulation:

  • Technique of self-regulation according to the system "Key"
  • Neuromuscular relaxation: Method of relaxing of the muscles of the body.
  • Visualization. Self-suggestion.
  • Autotraining.
  • Meditation / Prayer.
  • Rebirthing
  • Symbolic goal setting
  • Self-suggestion before and after sleeping

D. Lecture material: Acupressure techniques: treatment and prevention of diseases through pressure on specific points of the body. From the point of view of conventional medicine it is a kind of reflex therapy. It helps to provide first aid to a patient in need of urgent hospitalization.

E. Lecture material: Introduction to the methodology of amytal-caffeine awakening when getting into captivity (Serum of "truth").

Amytal-caffeine test is quite effective and often used in the past method of "awakening" of patients.

F. Lecture material: Introduction to techniques to counter the polygraph when getting into captivity.

2.Practical part, 9 hours intermittently:

A. Training of psychodrama of sub-personalities in a simulated situation of capturing or attacking on the protected object.

B. Practical training of different methods of self-regulation in a simulated situation of capturing of the protected object by enemies.

C. Training of acupressure techniques in a simulated situation of capturing of the protected object.

D. Training of self-regulation in an altered state of consciousness with the programming of the personality to implement tasks of protecting an object or perform specific tasks related to the risk to life or without programming (optional for cadets- listeners).

Most of these techniques are used for the training of special units that perform their tasks under conditions of high stress and terrorist activity, as well as during the treatment of these employees in military medical facilities (hospitals) of psychotherapeutic profile.



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