Tactical combat medicine

Tactical combat medicine is one of the kinds of support of combat operations. The courses of tactical combat medicine are adapted by our instructors under civilian needs and have not lost its relevance. These courses are necessary for law enforcement officials, employees of security companies, contractors of PMCs, civilian specialists and just ordinary citizens. The world is changing rapidly - and unfortunately not for the better. Every day, going out on the street, we risk being hit by a car, be attacked by armed criminals or hooligans, get into an accident on the subway or in other high-risk objects, or be at the epicenter near the explosion arranged by the terrorists or get a random wound. Every day, leaving the house, we go "to the war".

We have to go back alive. We must be able not to get lost in the difficult and unusual situations, fulfill our civic duty and perform the most important mission - to save the lives of bystanders, acquaintances and strangers, hostages and family. We should be able to diagnose the victim, take the key parameters to evaluate his condition, call the doctors and, of course, provide him with adequate medical care. Statistics show that the medical assistance provided in the first 6 minutes increases the chance of human survival by 60%.

In order to become a life-saving angel, who give the wounded victims and people affected by catastrophes a chance and an opportunity to live, we offer these courses conducted by instructors of Russian PMC "RSB-Group". Courses are conducted in three areas: theoretical training, practical training and application of knowledge in extreme circumstances. Yeah, maybe our courses may shock newcomers. We use real biomaterial (blood, entrails, etc.), which makes our exercises realistic and creates the most stressful situation. But these conditions will help you next time when you find yourself alone with the wounded man, with human pain, fear and hope for survival. You just need to do what our instructors taught you. We are practitioners; the experience of our instructors has been received and improved in Afghanistan, Iraq, in the North Caucasus and the other hot spots.

Passing our specialized courses in tactical combat medical training,you will be ready for a variety of difficult situations that require immediate medical attention. Perhaps once because of our courses you will save the lives of your loved ones or unfamiliar people who want to live. Then you can say that you perform the mission of your life on 100%.

We do not make a difference between the beginners, people with medical experience and theoretical knowledge. We teach all equally, without considering previous experience. Our students appreciate our courses on tactical combat medical training, they recommend us to friends and come back to us again and again. This means that we are on the right track, and we share the necessary and useful knowledge from personal combat experience which can't be gained in medical educational institutions.



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