"Save your family"

Basic tactical training course "save your family".

Actions and behavior of civilians in hostility area and armed conflicts.

About the course "Save your family": The course has been created according to the author's technique especially for civilian by the instructor of “RSB-Group”. There are no analogues of this course. The course is quite challenging with tactical elements and practicing the pre-planned questions/situations. Tactical medicine instructor – will hold a crash course on first aid and wounded person evacuation to safe place. He will give all necessary recommendations for individual kit composing and medical essentials.

Duration: 2 days (with an overnight stay).

The minimum group of 5 persons.

Price: USD 445.

The price includes

  • Instructors’ and assistants’ support
  • Simulation tools
  • Board (army packed lunch)
  • Individual kit
  • Rent of airsoft or paintball guns
  • Tactical vests, protective equipment, radio, etc.

Objectives: Our world is becoming multipolar. Western intelligence operating actively contributes to the conflicts occurrence and armed confrontation. Hostilities in the village can begin suddenly. A shining example - the events in the South-East of Ukraine, the war in Syria and other armed conflicts.

The key purpose of the course is to give civilians sustained theoretical and practical skills of survival and salvation of their families at the beginning of the hostilities, when enemy reconnaissance and sabotage groups, armed looter gangs, foreign PMCs are operating. When fear and uncertainty usually paralyze the civilians volition, there is essential need in self-rescue and life saving measures. We believe every man, who will seek to survive in such conditions and save his family, has to pass this course.

You should have with you:

  • Notebook
  • pens, pencils (red, blue, black), eraser
  • officer’s straightedge
  • compass
  • camping mat
  • waterproof outerwear and shoes
  • the campestral tactical (warm) clothing
  • bowler (device for cooking and eating – a kerosene stove, spoon, fork and knife)
  • hunting knife, hatchet
  • knee pads
  • shooting glasses
  • sleeping bag (for overnight)

Studied issues:

1) Theoretical part:

  • general theses (the definition of armed conflict, the possible participants and their determination according to international law)
  • presumable action of armed forces and armed groups during the inhabited locality occupation (capture)
  • tactics and behavior while occupying the inhabited locality by the armed forces of another country and illegal armed groups
  • tactics and behavior in the inhabited locality which was occupied (assaulted) by the armed forces of another country and illegal armed groups, tactics of civilians needed to survive
  • safe exit from the hostility area
  • first aid to the wounded and sick people, the procedure and methods for their evacuation to hospitals

2) Practical part:

  • studies are aimed at civilian to gain skills how to act in the armed conflict area, in the highest tension using all types of standard armament
  • civilian studies and trains possible actions during hostilities in the city conducted by the armed forces of another country and armed groups
  • students are training how to rescue in this situation, the options to escape from the center of armed conflict to a safe place
  • Practicing the elements of spending the day in the forest
  • Practicing the elements of getting water, food and fire under various extreme conditions
  • Practicing first aid techniques

Classes are held as close to combat conditions as possible.

  • overnight "in the field", in the forest and in the destroyed buildings
  • movement in the city, small towns, in the forest, the roads and paths in case of threat of immediate contact with the enemy
  • survival under the various extreme conditions; topography elements (the orientation by the sun, clock, compass, trees)
  • escaping the hostility area; bypass of the minefields and other MVZ

These and many other questions will be worked out in practice under a real risk of meeting the enemy, avoiding armed patrols, looter gangs, foreign PMCs’ employees, etc.



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