“Encircled by enemies”

Basic course in tactical training “Encircled by enemies”
Actions and behavior of civilians in the seized by insurgents (terrorists) localities

About the course: The course “Encircled by enemies” has been prepared according to the author's method special for civilians by instructor of “RSB-Group” (former instructor of the special division "C" of FSB Vyacheslav Emelin). There are no analogues of the course. By doing this course you will learn how to survive in the locality captured by terrorists, secretly move throughout the territory occupied by the enemy, collect preliminary intelligence information, draw a map with positions and firing points of terrorists, etc. Instructor of personal safety Denis Ryauzov (reserve officer of Airborne Forces, specializes in training of personal guard, rapid response teams and knife fighting teams) will hold a crash course in self-defense using a knife, which will allow you to be almost on a par with armed but not prepared man.

Duration: 16 hours.

Price: €345

The price includes:

  • Work of two our instructors and assistants
  • Simulation tools
  • Nutrition
  • Airsoft guns, paintball guns, bulletproof vests, protective equipment, radio, etc.

Objectives: To train stable skills of survival and organization of the collection of information by civilians who are in the locality captured by terrorists or reconnaissance and sabotage groups of enemies. To teach how to use maps and diagrams, to find the secret caches of terrorists. To train skills of disarming of terrorists and using your tactical advantage.

You should have with you:

  • notebook, pen (pencil)
  • mat
  • waterproof clothing
  • field tactical clothing (warm clothing)
  • bowler (devices for cooking and eating)
  • knee pads
  • glasses for shooting
  • sleeping bags (to spend the night on the street)

Fields of study:
1) Theoretical part:

  • general theoretical aspects (the definition of terrorist's actions, the possible composition of the participants and their determination under international law)
  • putative actions of terrorists during the occupation (capturing) the locality, their tactics and actions
  • actions and behavior during occupation (assault) of locality by groups of terrorists, the armed forces of another state or illegal armed groups
  • actions and behavior of civilians in the occupied place aimed at collecting and recording information about the terrorists and illegal armed groups who seized the town, secret movements throughout the locality and surrounding areas, assisting the wounded
  • safe leaving the battle area and coming to the regular army of the Russian Federation and the transfer of sensitive information

2) Practical part:

The classes are organized in the form of training and testing of the theoretical skills, preparing the schemes with fire points and locations of terrorist groups.

  • We train how to save the life in such situation, the ways of spending the night and eating in the unprepared area, the organization of protection of the places of rest.
  • We teach and train how the civilian must act in case of the meeting with a group of marauders, the seizure of the prisoner for interrogation, collecting and checking of the data. The conditions of the courses are close to the real combat conditions.
  • Topographic base: the movement on the map, avoiding prosecution.
  • Signs of mining and IEDs (improvised explosive devices), the ways of traversal.
  • Actions of civilians in case of capturing by terrorists.
  • Arranging of ambushes using available tools, knives, ropes.

These and many other questions are practiced during the courses, in conditions of a real threat to meet the terrorists, reconnaissance groups of enemies and illegal armed groups.



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